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  • What Is The Idea Of Redemption?
    Are you seeking to learn what is redemption? Whether it be for bible study, research, or any other means that guides you in your daily walk, here is a definition of redemption.     The definition of redemption is the deliverance from sin. The idea of redemption in the Old Testament takes its start from […]
  • How Do We Come Out of Being An Artificial Person?
    In this video, ini share what it may take to overcome the artificial way of life versus the Most High’s purpose for living as a man or woman.     Peace and Blessings! Our take on How Do We Come Out of Being An Artificial Person. “But we see Yesus, who was made a little […]
  • His Majesty reigns over Foreign Rulers; Principalities
    In this video, i read a little of case law that pertains to His Majesty and how he reigns over foreign rulers; principalities.   Feel free to like, comment, and share this post of, “His Majesty Reigns over Foreign Rulers; Principalities”. Shalom and Blessings!  
  • How to Operate in Sovereignty
    Greetings, As this week flows, i continue to learn and grow on the subject of sovereignty and will share a reasoning that was discovered while i read from the 45th Torah Portion study, called Va’etchanan | ואתחנן | “And I pleaded”ለመንሁ | Lemen’hu (lemenhu). What is Sovereignty? ልእልና ; “Pre-eminence,”Meaning “authority, rule, supremacy of power or […]
  • “What Is A Birth Certificate According to the Holy Scriptures”
    Birth is defined as to carry, to bear; to bring forth generations. Learning what is a birth certificate and how to live your life created by the Most High will ease the soul, spirit, and body. The celebration of life by birth does not have to be documented by a certificate. By owning a family […]

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