Ethiopic Book of Jubilees aka The Little Genesis (1902)

Little Genesis, is an ancient Judeo-Christian religious text preserved in the Ethiopic or Ge’ez language only. It was well known to the Early Black Jews, Christians and writers in the East and the West, as well as by the EthiopianHebrews. Later it was so thoroughly suppressed by the Gentile Christian church and thus no complete Hebrew, Greek or Latin version survived in the West. It is considered canonical for the Ethiopian Orthodox (Tewahedo) Church, where it is known as Kufalê, or the Book of Divisions – referring to the time-cycles from the “Beginning.” In the modern Gentile scholarly view, it is said to rework material found in the biblical books of Genesis and Exodus in the light of concerns of some 2nd century BC Jews. The Book of Jubilees claims to present "the history of the division of the days of the Law, of the events of the years, the year-weeks, and the jubilees of the world" as directly revealed to Moses (in addition to the Torah or "Instruction") by the Angel of the LORD while Moses was on Mount Sinai for forty days and forty nights. The chronology given in Jubilees is based on multiples of seven; the jubilees are periods of 49 years, seven 'year-weeks', into which all of time has been divided. According to the author of Jubilees, all proper Holy Days and customs that the Children of Israel, the Hebrew people and humanity should follow are and were determined by God's testimony and decrees to the Hebrew Patriarchs since the Beginning...

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Ethiopic Book of Jubilees aka The Little Genesis (1902)

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