THE WITNESS OF THE STARS by Dr. E.W. BullingerThe book entitled, “THE WITNESS OF THE STARS,” by Dr. E.W. Bullinger contains, from a Western Gentile branching of the Judeo-Christian perspective, in principle and in fact, one of the earliest, quite extensive for its 1893 original publication, (and now clearly a most faithful summary of the received precepts and traditions concerning the celestial witness), and a credible testimony to the “glorious Gospel of the Christ,” as it was known in Ancient times. These earliest beliefs and primordial faith and expectations were recorded and preserved from the mythological Inner-African Genesis of Humanity documented in the Denderah of the Egypts to latter-day Greek reinterpreted mythologies, all without doubt traced to Messianic hopes and aspirations of native and the primitive peoples of the world. There are many prophecies in the Bible whose proper interpretation depend on “The Witness of the Stars” in order to accurately be known.

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